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Do you SEEK the TRUTH? 

When I say ‘About Us,’ I really mean ‘About Me,’ but that just sounds a little too conceited.

Also—just to clear this up—I’m not a conspiracy theorist in case you thought I was from the question, “Do you seek the TRUTH?” But I’ll explain why I posed this question further down …


My name is Stephen L France.

I was born and raised in London and at 25 years old, I flew 1000’s of miles out of the country, disappointed, dissatisfied, and depressed with EVERYTHING that had gone before in life. 😢😢😢

I’m not exaggerating; I was a truly unhappy guy with a vivid memory reaching back to when I was three years old—it seemed as though NOTHING of my hopes and dreams had materialised.

Abroad, I sought my paradise of meeting the perfect girlfriend, pursuing an ambitious writing career, and making my fortune.

But it wasn’t to be so…😒😒😒

I’m pleased to have lived the western society dream, to move to the tropical islands of the Caribbean and do the jobs of my desires—journalist, beach-bartender, Editor-in-Chief of a luxury property magazine…

…but, the greatest gift I was given in my self-appointed exile?

I learnt that the beauty and fun of relocating isn’t the answer to life’s problems.

In fact, there’s much, much more to life than amazing climate, tasty cocktails, azure blue waters, and white sand beaches.

“So, what are you doing with your life now?”

A question I’m commonly asked, NOW, all I seek to do is share the TRUTH in everything I’ve discovered…

This includes an account of my time in the Caribbean, forged in transparency and vulnerability—my novel:

The Paradise Induction

In a saturated market like self-publishing, my only selling tool is telling the raw truth unique to my personal experience.

This means revealing my darkest times and most humiliating moments—a potential reason for why it’s taking so long to complete this work. It’s difficult reliving this. But, the need for the book to be released outweighs my personal feelings.

In this novel, names of people and places have been fictionalised to protect the identities of all those who contributed to making my Caribbean experience a brutal chastisement for the ages.

Please join me on this journey by subscribing to the newsletter and reading the extracts I publish.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Stephen L France

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