Fall from Grace

Fall from Grace

Ever feel like you were meant for another life?

Sometimes wonder if you were born in the wrong era?

Or perhaps you just feel like you don’t belong; an outcast.

For 11 year-old Axel Brown, this is a feeling he’s had since he could muster thought. But his isolation has grown even worse…

Now, he’s noticed a strange black truck parked around his home and school which he’s certain is following him and he’s having dreams that seem more real than the world he lives in.

Perhaps strangest of all is that he’s made new friends in these dreams – friends that tell him he’s to battle against a gigantic tower that’s been terrorising the region.

Meanwhile, 35 year-old Malaide Field wakes to bizarre amnesia and an empty bed – his wife is missing!

Both Axel and Malaide must endure as further paranormal activity is thrust upon them that sends them into deeper confusion; all of which is connected to another world beyond our own and a prophecy about the End of Time.

Fall from Grace is the first title in the Fall from Grace collection.

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