Taking off My Shoes

Taking off My Shoes

“You’d think that moving to the Caribbean islands from London city life would be a dream come true…but I know different…

No matter how this story comes across, I fully appreciate the gift of being allowed to experience my five-year stay in the Caribbean.

I write this story not to boast or celebrate, nor mourn, or wallow. I don’t write it as a complaint, nor for revenge. I write it because it’s a story that’s a little different from the norm…

It’s nothing epic – just another life with all the trials and tribulations that emerge – there is greater fortune out there and even fiercer tragedy. This is simply an account that’s slightly…irregular.

I honestly don’t know if people will enjoy this or feel saddened by it, love it, hate it, or be completely indifferent. For the most part, I hope it teaches a few lessons and enlightens people about people

– Christopher Charles

Taking off My Shoes is a series of books retelling the emigration of 25 year-old British ex-pat Christopher Charles and his arduous education in life from the Caribbean islands.


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