3 Reasons People Love Beaches…though I still don’t get it


As we exit the summer season and beach life falls behind us—only to be resurrected again the following year in fondness of the next vacation break—I’m asking, why do people love beaches so much?

I was born with the rather odd mental deformity; I don’t like beaches. Simple. I find them too hot and inactive.

Dull as it may sound, my future holidays will most likely consist of seeing incredible architecture for the sake of education. No more beaches for me unless a significant other wishes to.

Still, as I continue to compile fiction stories that revolve around beach settings, the question repeatedly pops up – why do people love beaches so much?

Here are three arguably obvious reasons that may root or supplement a person’s adulation of beach life:

  1. A beach is the general consensus’ dictation of paradise

Our minds deal with association in powerful ways. Sometimes an individual sees a person and that person makes them feel happy. They have no idea why this is and fail to realise that the resemblance of this person is very similar to someone they really admired/liked in the past.

Beaches are associated with summer by all manner of commercial media and advertisement. Summer is associated with fun and relaxation. Beaches win people’s hearts by default. Their appearance is also as far from the work environment aesthetic as one can get. All these factors contribute to a virtual image of paradise.

  1. ‘Automated’ health benefits

The sun’s rays are known for their health qualities; not only on the superficial level of a good-looking tan, but also the boost of vitamin D related to serotonin, the chemical deemed the natural happy drug that we produce.

The sounds of waves crashing against the shore or gently lapping against the sand also have an audio pattern that triggers a relaxation response in the brain.

  1. Excuse for drinking in the daytime

Great for holidaymakers and perilous for residents of beach-side vacation locales…the drinking ‘hobby’ is huge around the world now; more than ever before. It’s now about discovering any excuse to binge. Effectively, beaches at lunch = permissible drinking time.


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