3 Repulsive Rules of Dating and Marriage

3 repulsive rules

I always despised the secular world’s rules and lack of stability regarding dating – blunt, cold, truth – I hated them. They are organised so that anything goes and if you methodically, rationally, and logically follow what the world tells you, you’ll become a very ‘indifferent’ individual.

I was prompted to write this after watching a few ‘rom-coms’ on Amazon Prime where all the rules below were permitted- that is until the protagonist had some kind of revelation, that made them realise they could do better:

1) Treat them mean, keep them keen

My personal favourite…I hate this rule with passion. Why? Because it’s instructing me to not be myself. The part I despise the most? It actually works. I know this because I’ve seen other people—both male and female—do it with great success. Their partner always returns to their mentally abusive relationship, despite any advice they might receive professing they do the opposite.

2) Different area codes

You might see it joked about in fiction, but this is a true, real-life rule used by many – especially utilised during ‘stag-dos’ for those that are already married and sometimes for the groom to take advantage of ‘one last bit of freedom.’ I can only assume it occurs during Hen parties as well…

3) Free Pass

This one is so cold and sad…

I have never seen a man do this for a woman, but I know women do it for men. One free pass, if they go on holiday, or perhaps as an annual agreement on their marriage. One opportunity to have their fun and feel free again…

Insanity to me, but apparently quite normal now.

The fact is, all of the above are supposed to be representative of liberalism – that we’ve evolved so much into care-free, cool attitudes, that we no longer mind…

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