5 good things about 5 questionable character traits

5 good things about 5 questionable character traits…

Sometimes it appears like we’re at the end of the road with humanity.  

One of the clear un-pleasantries of 2016, was abundance of times traditional traits of morality were smashed by mainstream media, reality TV, and popular talk shows.

Nevertheless, no matter how bad a situation looks for those of us who do our best to uphold some form of decency in an indecent time, there is always hope to be found. It can be extremely difficult to discover it, but ‘the ray of sunshine’ exists and when it’s found, it’s like the crack of dawn’s light on the horizon. Here are five good things to draw out of personality traits that have been smeared…

  • Recognising we need help

For the more headstrong and pridefully minded among us, this can be a very humbling situation and that humility might not feel so hot.

A lot of us are taught that we can ‘go it on our own’ and in standing alone, we can stand strong. When we recognise and confess to needing help, the great thing is, help will emerge.

  • Acknowledging when we are wrong

This is a hardship for most of us – to admit we are in the wrong. The amazing part about this?

Forgiveness is available to us if we are sincere about our wrong-doing in a situation; there is a relief that comes from this humble, honest declaration that we have ‘messed up.’

  • Being the gentle soul

This can build huge resentment – we can end up feeling ignored and isolated, perhaps questioning whether we are a strong character or a pushover.

The attractive aspect of a gentle soul is serenity in the face of adversity and the ability to allow the world to move in the direction it is going without feeling the sting of pride to change things.

  • Hunger for justice

This can cause real pain for us if we have seen or experienced injustice—which is a very common endurance in our world today.

The good thing about pursuit of real justice is that it always comes – the mature approach is to see that it might not be to our personal preference. Personal preference within justice has another more suitable word to describe it beginning with ‘V.’

  • Being forgiving

This can easily be taken advantage of, but it’s good to know that in sincere forgiveness, we are able to be content with ourselves in our own mishaps and failings, should they befall us.

 Reflection on Matthew 5

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