How can we know who offers the right guidance?

How can we know who offers the right guidance?

With a MASSIVE range of motivational speakers, life coaches, lifestyle ideas, religions, and ideologies to choose from, how can we possibly know who or what is the right path?

There are deceptions built on truth, truth built on deceptions, false promises, phoney stories, and incomplete solutions.

Some of us will find we acquire the wealth and fame promised by one idea. Others among us will discover the calmer mind we were seeking.

Some will discover the ability to eradicate their angry or sad response to life’s trials, or others will erase deep, chemical addictions from their lives.

Overall, we’re seeking something that offers the complete package. The real deal. A holistic solution that fulfils all parts of human need long-term without having to rely on ‘materials’ of the world.

Reflection on Matthew 24: 11 – 12

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