Being the odd one out…

It doesn’t feel great to be the odd one out.

From the two polls I just held –

What would you do if you found a full wallet? And What would you do if your friend liked the same person you do? 

…it was interesting to see the answers that acquired the most votes.

The first question gained an obvious result in that most people would check the abandoned wallet’s ID and try to return it to the individual.

It was the second question that brought the most intrigue…

It’s an area where there’s ambiguity and if you pay attention to mass media today, any answer is acceptable by the general western society consensus. 

In the series of books Taking off My Shoes, character Christopher Charles would likely have chosen the second least popular option; tell the person he likes that he can’t do this because their closest friend likes them. He wouldn’t mind sacrificing his happiness, thinking this is the right and honest thing to do.

This is part of what keeps him ostracised from people for the better part of his lifetime. He has an unusual set of principles that don’t fit within modern times; in fact to him, they don’t fit anywhere. He is certain that this is the right way to be, but most would tell him he’s incorrect and should ‘live a little.’ 

This little moral dilemma and many other problems are what make the paradise he relocates to a continuous shock for all of five years … 

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