I Could Never Wear Flip Flops

Stephen L France

Moving to the British Virgin Islands for five years was the most life-transforming period of my existence and writing a book–Taking off My Shoes–about that time is not proving easy at all.

I was compelled to write this novel because it’s a series of events that may assist in educating people about the ‘more challenging’ experiences of relocating.

Out of curiosity, here are a few questions for you relating to my first two months in the BVI from March – May 2010 – PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

In your first few weeks of employment, have you ever had an employer call you up at 1:00 in the morning on a Saturday night simply asking you: ‘where are you?’

Have you ever had ‘mature’ adults visit your place of work on a weekly basis with the sole mission of harassing you?

Have you ever worked a series of 16-hour days across two full time jobs for longer than two months with no vehicle in a place without a public transport system?

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