Miracles are Real – This Date Will Forever Be Important – 21.3.2015

Miracles are Real – This Date Will Forever Be Important – 21.3.2015

When you’re suddenly healed, it is very hard to ignore the word ‘miracle.’

Back in March 2015, I approached two osteopaths with the thought process that they’ll relieve me of my pain in one go. The reason I did this was because I was trying to trigger the placebo power that we all possess – an ability that via sufficient ‘mental will,’ we can cure anything. In my particular case, the anguish was in the hinge joint of my left arm where I’d been suffering for six months.

Following my appointments, the pain persisted.

In the week of 16.3.2015, that Thursday I’d seen my Osteopath. He had declared that I shouldn’t use my arm again for three months in any form of activity involving weights. This was noise pollution to my ears—a real death sentence for my exercise routine—however, this was the diagnosis in order for my arm to heal and it had been the same conclusion with a previous osteopath.

On Saturday of the same week, I attended an event called Holy Spirit Day. My Osteopath also came along as we were both on the same Alpha Course together; a programme where you can ask any question you wish about the existence of God.

Long story short – I didn’t believe in the Holy Spirit and at the close of the day following scripture readings and worship, the pastor asked if anyone would like to be healed of any physical pains.

I stepped up, knowing this would never work; the complete opposite mind-set to when I visited the osteopaths.

The pastor touched my elbow and a part of my forearm and whispered a prayer to God about healing the tendons and muscle tissue in my arm. It lasted about one minute before the pastor opened his eyes and said, “do you feel anything?”

“No, I don’t,” I replied.

“Try moving your arm,” he said.

I did the hinge motion that would provoke the shooting pain; similar agony to banging your funny bone.

I did it again.

Then again.

I carried on doing the hinge movement as if lifting an invisible dumbbell.

I was in shock.

My mouth dropped open.

There was no pain at all.

I went over to my osteopath, exclaiming: “Look! Look at my arm!” as I continued to do the hinge motion. He stared right through me, not moving a muscle or saying a word.

The pastor went red, almost looking like he was about to cry, “saying praise God.”

I was overwhelmed with emotion and ducked out of the room, eager to tell my family what had happened, and not let anyone see me tear up either.

To this day, my left arm is my stronger arm, but what I will say about ‘healing’ in the words of one of my favourite characters; Matrix’s Morpheus – “I cannot tell you what [healing] is, you have to see it for yourself.”

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