Can we do a good deed without a selfish motive?

Can we do a good deed without a selfish motive? 

If we define a good deed as an action that assists another individual, superficially, one would think it’s completely possible to accomplish this without a selfish intention.

However, in our society which has moved to a great deal of suspicion over good deeds; examples:

Religion is about control over people.

Motivational speakers only do their jobs because they’re running a con, knowing that they have a consistent bankroll of suckers.

He only helped her to make himself feel better.

She’s only a good mother because maternal instinct drives her.

He’s only defending this stranger because the biological makeup of our species compels us to protect one another.

These are all viable arguments for the idea that there cannot be a selfless good deed, but what if we’re serving love for the sake of love?

What if we’re serving goodness for the sake of goodness?

What if we’re in a mindset where we NEVER want or expect a reward from another human being for what we do?

Reflection on Matthew 9:32 – 34 

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