Giving freely – an easy or hard thing to do?

Giving freely – an easy or hard thing to do?

Giving freely is something that should be natural to us. The logic is this simple: Everything we have is given to us freely. EVERYTHING. Therefore, we should give freely. 

An immediate argument against this is:

I worked hard for this; why should I give freely? Others should have to work as hard as I did.

The question is, how did we reach a point where we knew we had to work hard to achieve something? Was that revelation not a free blessing in itself?

Some people will never learn the basic lesson that hard work is the key to accomplishing dreams, and endure a nervous life of ‘making ends meet.’

As such, it is to be appreciated if we’re aware of this mathematical fact. 

If we take into account all the world’s possibilities that could befall us, from the most extreme positives like a homeless person becoming a millionaire through strenuous perseverance, to the dire negatives like the misfortune of losing one’s life to a drunk driver, we realise that everything we have is freely given and therefore to be appreciated like a gift.

Gratitude is best show when we’re able to pass on our gifts freely to others.

Reflection on Matthew 10:8

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