Is it possible to start again?

Is it possible to start again?

YES, it is…however…

Many times we will declare how we wish we could replay the past, do something better, re-do a moment in time so that things would be much improved now. In western society, an institution revealed by media to be on the path to destruction, is the all-important marriage commitment.

Through brash, unthinking action, the marriage ends faster than the day of the event. This is one area where massive regrets follow because it wasn’t just a single individual involved. This leads to the overwhelming wish, if only I’d done things better. 

But we can’t time travel…as far as we know.

In a world where everything is watched, measured, quantified, evaluated, and judged, the very concept of starting again seems impossible.

Many will relocate in an attempt to make the mental transformation a physical reality.

Others will embark on expensive courses to relish new-age philosophy, pay large sums to see motivational speakers, venture on spiritual retreats, and dive into a plethora of self-help books. 

The latter four actions may render a huge dose of positive energy, but starting again is only truly possible if we understand what it means. 

We’re always going to retain our memories–unless an unexpected accident takes place–but in starting again, we would experience an unconscious change in our reactions to situations; for example, being less stressed in a scenario that would have caused untold apprehension before.

This isn’t simply a decision to react positively. This is a transformation of the subconscious, meaning by instinct we would respond differently; nevertheless, such a transition requires a form of submission.

Submission of pride and ego.

A very difficult and painful thing to do. 

Reflection on Matthew 9:16 – 17

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