Do we handle PROBLEMS with STRESS or CALM?

Do we handle PROBLEMS with STRESS or CALM?

When the ‘storm’ hits and we’re in the middle of a horrible, horrendous, horrific situation, there are two founding responses.

We can handle the scenario with stress, thereby exhibiting anxiety, rushed replies, abrupt speech patterns, and an overall sense of discord. Regardless of how much ‘concealer’ we place over our behaviour to make us appear as if we’re level-headed, we’re exhibiting fear, because we’re thinking of the mounting darkness that hasn’t even come, but by our minds, is sure to emerge.

Then there’s maintenance of real calm; the type of person among us that defies all reason. They’re not putting on a front. They’re sincerely serene in the face of adversity, even when that oppression is directed solely at them, because they know with absolute clarity that things will work out and there’s no logic in stressing about what hasn’t befallen them.

They deal in the present and only in the present, allowing for a wisdom that transcends the norm; a wisdom that might subconsciously be founded in the statement; my brain is still functioning, therefore, there is hope.  

Reflection on Matthew 8:24 – 27 

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