Do we judge others too much?

Do we judge others too much?

We often find it comforting to judge someone.

Rewards found in such actions are a boost in pride, a feeling of power, and an elevation of social standing, but these are temporary ‘highs’ founded in deception. 

Talk shows and reality TV have fed this ‘beast’ with many of us secretly enjoying the fact that “we’re not as crazy as the people on television.”

What we don’t realise is the indirect results of judging others – that in fact we set a standard for ourselves that cannot be met.

Our own fallibility as human beings sees to it that we will fail at self-proclaimed standards of what is right and wrong. The moment we take these measures into a comparative or competitive mix, choosing to judge an individual, we have to prepare for the likelihood of being a hypocrite. 

Reflection on Matthew 7: 1 – 5

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