Why is it so hard for us to share?

Why is it so hard to share?

The physical and tangible are part of the greatest working deceptions against us.

With the world recording, judging, quantifying, and condemning us by the varying amounts of our material possessions, it is hard for many of us to break away from the hard proof of the physical in front of us.

We want more because superficially it means no worries, more fun, and extra comfort.

On a profound level, we have faith in the assurance of material and financial affluence – that it will prove our performance, make us more attractive, and secure the appreciation and admiration of our peers. These are running perceptions and many of us choose to live by them, not recognising that they’re hollow.

The flip side to this coin is to share the wealth we acquire regardless of how much we possess. Share because that is the true mandate of our minds. Share without making excuses like ‘charity administrations take the majority.’

Share because we know deep deep down, it’s what we want to do. Anything else that leads away from this truth about sharing, is deception.

Reflection on Matthew 19:20 – 22 

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