Do you want to be ‘normal’ or do what is ‘right?’

Do you want to be ‘normal’ or do what is ‘right?’

‘Normal’ is one of the broadest terms in current times. An abundance is permissible under the term ‘normal;’ so much so that the question of ‘right’ is arguably the opposite.

It is media and subsequently mass support from people that govern what is considered ‘normal’ and we’re seeing this grow exponentially as more activities and ideas fall under the guise of ‘liberty.’

As time goes on, we will find we’re faced with decisions that go against the mass consensus. These can be challenging when we have a clear instinct telling us that we’re making the ‘right’ move for the ‘right’ reasons, knowing that it will lead to an overall conclusion of goodness, yet facing ‘the multitude’ who disagree; even deeper, opposing a man-made cultural tradition founded on a basis of human morality.

The question stands: do we do what is ‘normal’ adhering to what our peers say? Or do what our entire being tells us is ‘right?’

Reflection on Matthew 20:30 – 34

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