Have You Ever Met An Evil Person? (Video)

Neegan - have you ever met an evil person

You never forget your first encounter with an evil person…

…and of course, you can only hope it’s your last.

Evil is defined as ‘profoundly immoral and wicked.’ I was thinking about this following viewing of the finale The Walking Dead Season Six; the dialogue from the arch-villain was bone-chilling as you knew it indicated ‘game over’ for the lead characters. It pulled my mind to the topic of evil people – is there such a thing?

It then reminded me of a moment I describe in Taking off My Shoes (MORE ABOUT TAKING OFF MY SHOES HERE) where protagonist Christopher Charles makes a harsh judgement about an individual based off his body language, mannerisms, and speech pattern. Christopher Charles’ exact thoughts are: I would never be friends with this man and I would never want to work for him. 

This man later becomes his employer and Christopher learns that his ‘judging a book by its cover’ was dead-on accurate as his employer turns out to be a spiteful man, who appears to enjoy power over his staff. Further, he laughs at situations where he’s deliberately cruel, prompting Christopher Charles to start describing the man as the first evil person he’s met in his life.

I think it’s extremely rare to find someone who is actually evil, but if I were to define it, I would say it’s someone who takes extreme pleasure from the suffering of others like this character does in the below video – they love the pain their inflicting past the line of any saving grace:



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