3 Reasons to Read the Best Selling Book in the World

3 Reasons to Read the Best Selling Book in the World - Stephen L France

When I was first introduced to the best-selling the book in the world, the sole question I had was why I hadn’t read it yet.

The only reasons I could come up with were lack of time and laziness as it’s a large book.

When I say best-selling book, I am talking about that controversial, conversation starter or stopper; it’s the pink elephant in the room, that can have people laugh at you and lose respect for you instantly – the Bible.

I’m not going to go into what people have done with the book, the wars humanity has waged using it as their ‘noble’ cause, or any other atrocities that are purely man’s interpretation of its content…

Here are three solid reasons why the Bible is worth reading or listening to via audio on YouTube :

(1) Curiosity– to answer this simple question: With so many other books created before and after the Bible, why is this book still the No. 1 Best Selling Book in the world?

(2) Motivation– To read the ultimate, original ‘life-coaching’ guide where all new age philosophy finds its roots – where did the ‘Law of Attraction’ come from? Where did ‘positive thinking’ come from? Where did the idea that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to come from? It’s all in the Bible

(3) Satisfaction– to feed the ‘second stomach’ that every single human being has. We all have one; it’s often called ‘desire’ or ‘ambition’ and it’s forever hungry. Some choose to feed it with money, others power, some the pursuit of multiple partners, others through their career/occupation. In all the literature I’ve ever read, the Bible takes the lead as something that constantly keeps you fed – you read and re-read and always find something new that leads you to becoming a better version of yourself. The definition of ‘better version of yourself’ is relative to most, so to quell any debate over what this means, I’ll just say that you will develop.

Bonus Reason – If you leave the audio Bible playing before you go to bed, you receive a VERY good night’s sleep

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