When it seems like gameover…

When it seems like gameover…

Putting it very lightly, ‘gameover’ is that moment when every fibre in our being screams that this is the end. There is nowhere to turn.

It’s that unbelievably dark time that we might describe as being trapped in a well with the only escape route a distant light way above our heads, or being sealed in a black room with no exit, the walls, ceiling, and floor slowly closing in.

Others have seen the mental picture of a red curtain dropping down on them like the close to a tragic play. 

Whatever the psychological image, in this most opaque of occasions when we finally meet true isolation, loneliness, and dread, this particular place is when great things are waiting on the other side for us.

This is the time when we must get back up and power on through, because something amazingly BEAUTIFUL is just around the corner. 

Reflection on Matthew 27.46 and Matthew 28: 18 – 20 

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